Smile advice

S.O.S. Smile

Do you have questions about the aesthetics of your teeth? Would you also like to know your options for a stunning smile? GlamSmile offers personalised advice by a Smile Consultant, free of obligation.

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What about your smile? Which of these smiles resembles your smile the most? Discover the experience of a dramatic transformation!

10 years younger

Nothing is more rejuvenating than a beautiful white smile. These photos will convince you.

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5 steps to a perfect smile

The perfect smile is different for everyone, but there are nevertheless a number of rules for a harmonious result. In addition to the shape, colour and proportions of your face and lips, GlamSmile also takes account of many elements for the creation of your facings or veneers.

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Tips & Tricks for a radiant smile

A beautiful and well groomed set of teeth is your best visiting card! That is why good dental hygiene is of great importance. You thus prevent plaque. That is after all the greatest cause of problems in the mouth. Just think of cavities (caries), inflamed gums (gingivitis) and parodontal problems (parodontitis).

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Make up your smile

Do you want that extra touch? With make-up you can add that finishing touch. Some women look fantastic with crimson lips, others do better with a gentle pink or shades of burgundy. The shape of your lips also has a strong influence on your smile. We will now reveal a few of our Smile Secrets. Come back regularly to discover new smile secrets.