Smile advice

Make-up your smile

Do you want just that little extra boost? Make-up will give you the finishing touch! Some women look gorgeous with bright red lips, others should stick to soft pink or burgundy. The shape of your lips also defines your smile. We will let you in on some of our Smile Secrets. Visit us regularly to discover new smile secrets!

a couple of lipsticks

two colors lipstick

red lips

pieces of lipstick in different colors

A smile

Smile secret 1: Lipstick

If you wear orange-like lipstick, which is a warm colour, your teeth will look more yellow than when you use a cooler, blue-like shade like burgundy.

Smile secret 2: Skin complexion

What's your skin complexion? If you have fine white skin, pink lipstick - from light pink to more outspoken pin - will usually give you the best result. It will emphasize your delicate complexion. Be careful with shades of brown and copper. They will make your complexion greyer. Orange shades do not go well with transparent skin. If you have a darker complexion, you should go for brick red, brownish and tomato red lipsticks.

Smile secret 3: Outlines

Do you have thin lips?

mark the outline of the mouth with a natural-colour lip pencil by following the outer lines of the lips. Do not go beyond the natural lip outlines and also colour the inner part of your lips, except the heart. Then apply a glossy lipstick in a light colour or use a lip gloss.

Too thick lips?

First apply some foundation on the outlines of the lips. Then drawn the inner lines of the lips with a lip pencil. Use a shades somewhat lighter than the lipstick you want to apply. A mat lipstick is best and avoid too dark or too bright colours. When applying the lipstick stay within the outline of the lip pencil. It will give an even result and the lipstick will stand out nicely and you'll avoid smears.