S.O.S. smile

Your personal Smile consultant is ready for you!

Do you have questions about the aesthetics of your teeth? Would you like to know how you can make your smile more beautiful?

GlamSmile offers free personalized advice.
The principle is simple: You make a non-binding appointment with one of our Smile Consultants. She will accompany you from A to Z: At first you will get all the information about all the solutions which exist these days.

Then, the Smile Consultant will make an aesthetic analysis of your teeth and smile. She will also explain which factors determine a beautiful smile and you will get numerous tips and tricks.

Afterwards, a dentist will analyze your teeth at the clinical aspect.

Based on all this information you will know what your possibilities are, how you can obtain a Dream Smile.
You will go home with a full dossier in which the results of the analysis are mentioned. At that point, the choice is up to you.

Make an appointment with our Smile consultant!

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