Smile advice

A young man with a bright smile

5 steps to perfect smile

The perfect smile is different for everyone, nevertheless some rules exist for a harmonious result. In addition to the shape, the colour and the proportions of your face and lips, GlamSmile also takes into account many other elements when creating your veneers.
These are the 5 most important ones:

advice - smiling woman

Step 1

Colour of teeth in balance with the white of your eyes.

We get a harmonious balance as the color of the teeth matches the color of the whites. This gives a very natural and fresh look, and it also rejuvenating. Too white, you should avoid because the teeth than are more dominant than the eyes.

Step 3

Invisible gums

For a perfect smile, your gums shouldn't be showing. If you do show your gums, they have to look healthy and be light pink. If a lot of your gums is visible when you smile, the dentist can to remedy this in many cases with a short and painless laser treatment.

Step 5

Central incisors have identical shapes.

A balanced smile contains 2 identical central incisors. We call them ‘twins’.
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Step 2

advice - a picture of a mouth without a split between the teeth

Upper teeth more dominant than lower teeth

The upper teeth are preferably more dominant and more visible than the lower teeth. The upper teeth also slightly cover the lower teeth when you give a broad smile.

Step 4

The upper teeth follow the bottom lip line

The proportions of teeth are obviously very important. They always look better when the upper incisors are just a touch longer than the adjacent teeth. And the picture will be complete when the edges of your teeth follow the lower lip line.