Beautiful teeth/unsightly teeth

Unsightly teeth? You want beautiful teeth?

Your appearance determines to a not insubstantial extent what people think of you in the first instance. If the first impression hits home, the next contacts will proceed more easily. Both in professional, romantic and general social contacts you will achieve more success right from the start.

A well tended impression with regard to clothing, hair, skin and such, immediately creates a comfortable feeling, not only in the people in front of you, but above all for yourself. Your face is undoubtedly your visiting card, and your eyes, hair and teeth are the most striking components of it.

Beautiful teeth are of paramount importance. An unsightly set of teeth is a letdown for yourself.

Beautiful teeth as a weapon of seduction

Unsightly teeth not only work against you when it comes to courting. Beautiful teeth can also give you an advantage when it comes to your professional career.beautiful teeth, white teeth

It starts with a job interview. With an unsightly set of teeth, you can only sit down in front of your - possibly - future employer. Once you have the job, a radiant smile will accelerate your integration with your new colleagues, and customers will be dazzled by your gleaming beautiful teeth.

Beautiful teeth versus unsightly teeth = reassuring self-confidence versus depressing insecurity.

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