Bleaching: what is it?

 Some people are not so familiar with the term bleaching.

* bleaching = bleaching teeth

* bleaching = whitening

Whitening or bleaching teeth are synonyms for a method for making teeth whiter, a kind of deep cleaning of the enamel. The basis of the formula is a chemical oxygen bond with the discolouring molecules that get left behind in the enamel over time. Bleaching your teeth gives them back their natural colour. And yes, you can also bleach your teeth at home, you do not have to go to the dentist.

Just as with the colour of your skin, the colour of your hair or the whites of your eyes, the colour of your teeth is genetically determined. Teeth are made out of enamel, dentin and pulp. The colour of your Bleaching teeth, whitening, bleaching, making teeth whiter teeth primarily depends on the colour and thickness of the dentin. This is different in everybody and explains why some people have whiter teeth than others. Enamel is, however, practically transparent. Canine teeth are by their nature somewhat more yellow than the other teeth because the dentin layer is thicker. Bleaching yourself or at the dentist can be a first step in making your teeth more beautiful


When does bleaching make sense?

When it is a case of extrinsic (external) discolouring. This means discolouring that is the result of pigment molecules that remain in the tooth enamel. Coffee, tea, red wine, etc, are items that can cause extrinsic discolouring of the teeth, but discolouring also increases with age. This is a result of wear, the necks of teeth that become exposed, or more fragile enamel such that cracks occur through which pigments can easily penetrate the porous dentin.

When does bleaching make little or no sense?

With intrinsic (internal) discolouring. This is discolouring that is inside the tooth structure. Two known examples of this are tetracycline discolouring (through the use of certain medicines, discolouring is built into the dentin during the formation of the teeth) and fluorosis (for example when children are given too much fluorine when their teeth are being formed). In these cases there is no point in bleaching, but then you can find solace in a treatment with veneers (facets or facings).

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