Broken/ Fractured teeth

A broken tooth is no picnic and is not pretty, either.

One third of all young boys and girls of 12 years old have already had one or more traumas that resulted in a broken tooth. The cases generally involve the central top incisors. Playgrounds and sports fields are the locations where most accidents occur. But also adults who play sports are regularly confronted with a broken tooth.

Prevention is better than cure...

The chance of ending up with a broken tooth is particularly high in contact sports such as football, basketball, hockey, rugby and other ball games, but certainly also with combat sports such as karate and judo.Hence in some cases it is sensible to wear a gumshield. It can prevent or reduce damage, but sometimes the blow is so hard that injuries nevertheless occur. The best gumshields are made-to-measure.

What to do when you have a broken tooth?

When a tooth is broken, you must keep the broken part. There is a chance that the dentist will be able to bond the broken part back to the base. In other cases, the dentist will try to fill or reconstruct the broken tooth with a white substance. It is also possible that the damage is so considerable that only a crown can bring solace. In any case it is important that you go to the dentist as quickly as possible and ensure that the tooth does not become inflamed.

Tooth torn loose?

A tooth that has been torn loose is an emergency situation. Speed is the of the essence here and you should avoid panicking. If you can get to the dentist within the hour and the tooth is still ‘alive’ there is a 90% chance that if the dentist is able to reinsert the tooth and it will be saved. Do not keep the tooth in a dry environment such as handkerchief or a closed pot. Ideally put the tooth in milk. Do not touch the root, hold it by the crown. You can clean your mouth, possibly apply a compress, but certainly do not put any cotton wool in the cavity.

With a crown fracture you have 36 hours. But here too, it is best to contact the dentist as quickly as possible. It is best not to let a broken tooth lie...

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Restored tooth... but not satisfied...

However well a dentist does his best to repair a broken tooth, often you see the fracture line or discolouring occurs in the course of time. In this case GlamSmile can provide the solution. The GlamSmile veneers will not only make the broken tooth, but also all other teeth in the row, gleam like never before. Enquire to the GlamSmile consultants.

How is a broken tooth repaired?

Step 1.

The dentist cleans the broken tooth well.

Step 2.

After cleaning a liquid is applied that makes the enamel rougher.

Step 3.

The etching fluid is rinsed away with water and the broken tooth is blown dry.

Step 4.

Adhesive is applied around the broken tooth in order to secure the plastic to it (also called bonding).

Step 5.

After the bonding has been applied the dentist shines blue light on it to make the bonding layer stronger.

Step 6.

The plastic is now applied. The tooth is built up layer by layer and the plastic is modeled into the right shape.

Step 7.

The plastic is in turn hardened with blue light.

Step 8.

The broken tooth is now repaired and the dentist grinds and polishes it to improve its appearance and shape.

Contact the GlamSmile consultant for more information.