Crooked teeth


Troubled by crooked teeth?

Protruding ears, nose too long or crooked, thin lips, short eyelashes. We all have something that we do not like about our body. You can camouflage small (beauty) flaws with make-up or you can also choose permanent cosmetic surgery.

For many adults crooked teeth are a real nightmare. Teeth are the face’s visiting card. And whether you like it or not, people are often judged on the form and health of their teeth. Crooked teeth means insecurity about one’s external appearance and the impression created in others. Many men and women are truly frustrated because the brace they had in their childhood did not fully meet expectations to put every crooked teeth nicely in line, and now, years later, they do not want to return to the unpleasant days of metalwork in their mouth.

Whether it is just one crooked tooth or an entire row of crooked teeth often does not matter so much for the less than proud owner. With the slightest glance, such a person feels that others are completely fixated on it. And not everybody is fond of the idea of making a fashion statement out of their crooked teeth, such as Kate Moss.

GlamSmile has a solution for  crooked teeth.

GlamSmile veneers (see also veneers/facings/facets) can in a number of cases be the solution for those unpleasant crooked teeth. By using porcelain plates the crooked position of the teeth is skillfully eliminated. Sometimes, however, a combination of actions are required. Such as the use of a ‘six-month brace’ whereby the crooked teeth are set right in a number of stages and veneers. In order to determine exactly what is needed to be rid of your trauma, it is best to contact your dentist or our GlamSmile consultants.

Even if your dentist has already said that a crooked tooth is not so bad as long as you are healthy: do not just resign yourself to it. If you are psychologically troubled by it, a second opinion can sometimes work wonders, and improve your smile and self-image.

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