About false teeth

 Ever heard of false teeth in rabbits? You probably saw this in primary school in one of your biology lessons. However, the false tooth we are talking about here is of a different nature. Rabbits get their false teeth at birth, but with us a false tooth has to be fitted subsequently ... of course because there is something bad with a tooth.

 A false tooth is a small rod on which there is a prosthetic crown (similar to a lollipop). The rod with crown is affixed into the root with cement by the dentist. As a result of overloading or root cavities, however, the attachment can come away such that the false tooth comes loose. Almost everybody has a story about a false tooth coming loose at a very inconvenient time (in a job interview, at the first lunch with him or her ...). If the false tooth and root are not damaged too badly, the dentist can clean the two and nicely secure the false tooth back in its familiar place.

 Sometimes false teeth are confused with implants. An implant is a titanium screw with a screw thread in it. An implant is fitted directly into the jawbone, unlike a false tooth. A small operation is required for this, and then a tooth or bridge is secured to the screw thread. Thus never call a false tooth an implant.

Facing teeth: the misunderstandings

There is a lot going on with regard to facing teeth. Many people are not properly informed and a lot of incorrect information is spread around. For example a lot of people with a less attractive smile think that only porcelain facings are available. Nothing could be further from the truth. Alongside porcelain facings or veneers, GlamSmile also supplies plastic veneers.

The porcelain facings are ultrathin, similar to a contact lens.

“My teeth have to be completely wrecked in order to fit porcelain facings.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Where necessary only a thin layer of enamel is removed, which does not lead to irreparable damage.

Facing teeth: the GlamSmile technique

For our porcelain facings (veneers) we use the high-technology resources of the GlamSmile laboratory. You can read more about this with this link.