An elderly woman with a radiant smile

What is the GlamSmile process?

You'll need only two visits to the dentist for stunning teeth and a white smile! During your first visit, you will discuss with your dentist what you would like to change in your teeth and an impression of you teeth may be made. During the second visit the veneers are placed and you go home with a stunning new smile!

First visit

Our goal with GlamSmile is to create a smile that perfectly matches your face. That's why the dentist will discuss the options in detail with you during your first visit so you know what you can expect. When designing your new smile, the dentist takes into account the shape of your face, shape of your lips, colour of your skin, gums, etc. That is why the dentist takes numerous of pictures - both full face and as well as detailed photos of your teeth.

Then the GlamSmile dentist will make an impression of your teeth. He will ask you to bite in a mould filled with silicone. This is absolutely indispensable for making perfect customized veneers.
Based on photos and impressions and the detailed consultation with your dentist, the GlamSmile designers digitally "draw" veneers to exactly match your aesthetic wishes.

Picture that shows the veneers treatment

Second visit

During the second visit to the dentist the veneers are placed. The dentist will first prepare your teeth. Anaesthetic is not required, because the existing, healthy dental structures remain untouched. Only if one or more teeth are really misaligned will the dentist remove a little bit of enamel. This is only done to improve the aesthetic result and the dentist will only do this in consultation with you during your first visit.

Before and after the veneers have been placed

Then the veneers are put in place in one movement. The dentist will then finish everything off and in barely one hour you can go home with a stunning new smile!

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