Who can be considered for whitening or bleaching?

Anyone faced with extrinsic discolouring can be considered for whitening or bleaching. Extrinsic discolouring is colouring on the outside of the tooth due to the consumption of coffee, tea, red wine, cigarettes or ageing. People who only have discolouring on the inside of the tooth (intrinsic discolouring) cannot be considered.

Do it yourself or at the dentist?

Nimble-fingered people, stay-at-homes and people who do not want to go to the dentist for treatment can bleach at home. The product GlamSmile White Boost can be obtained from your dentist without prescription. Follow the instructions on the information leaflet to obtain the desired results.

The Formulation + treatment at the dentist is ‘stronger’ and requires the use of a plasma lamp. Both treatments - at home and at the dentist - can produce remarkable results ... if done properly.