Yellow Teeth/Brown Teeth

Yellow or brown teeth?

If you type  in ‘yellow teeth’ or ‘brown teeth’ on the internet or listen to discussions around you, you will encounter a torrent of frustrated and tormented souls.  

discolored teeth, crooked teeth





This is only a handful from a huge stock.

  • “I have yellow teeth and it causes me a lot of mental anguish.”
  • “I would spend a lot of money to get rid of these brown teeth.”
  • “Kissing, I don’t dare. As my yellow teeth give me complexes.”
  • “Sometimes I think I could get a better job if I did not have yellow teeth.”
  • “If I did not have brown teeth but white teeth, the boys would fall to me. But I think it will never happen.”
  • “Whenever someone looks at my face I get very nervous. I think that they are only looking at my yellow teeth.”
  • “People with brown teeth or yellow teeth have no sense of hygiene, I once heard somebody say in our sports club. What can I do about it? I have enough complexes with my yellow teeth. Should it be confronted.”

A complex due to brown or yellow teeth?

It’s unfortunate to say that people are excluded on account of appearances, a crooked nose, protruding ears, yellow or brown teeth. But let’s first make things clear. It is painful to see that men and women are tormented by complexes and frustrations. But something can be done about brown and yellow teeth.

Broadly speaking you can say that yellow teeth are to do with the ageing process (thus age-related). Brown teeth are often due to (excessive) consumption of coffee, tea, wine, certain rinses and of course smoking. Discolouring of the teeth can be both external and internal.

Depending on the reason for the discolouring (on the outside or inside) whitening products or veneers can be used.

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