Dental Veneers

GlamSmile dental veneers are paper thin shells that attach to the surface of the teeth to create a pearly white, even, and glamorous smile.


Our Smile Consultants listen to your smile goals to make sure you get a custom smile makeover that is unparalleled in the cosmetic dentistry industry.


GlamSmile veneers are precise and personalized thanks to our Smile Software which turns a 3D image into a high grade product.


Because we use the most sophisticated tech on the market, dentists can place your veneers in one seamless, safe and pain-free step.

GlamSmile veneers are wafer thin porcelain shields that bond to the front of the teeth.

If you dream of a natural yet perfectly even pearly white smile, GlamSmile veneers may be an option. Dental veneers are a quick, painless, and permanent way to create a bright smile.

GlamSmile utilises unique, ultra-thin, minimal-prep veneers which require little or no reduction to healthy tooth structure, and can be completed in under one hour over two visits.

Our porcelain veneers can be a worthwhile investment to:

Lighten and brighten the shade of one or all your teeth
Improve the shape and or size of your natural teeth
Remove any gaps between teeth
Create a balanced smile line in harmony with your face
Boost your confidence and give you more reasons to smile

Questions for the Smile Consultant?

Frequently Asked Questions

Do veneers ruin your teeth?

Noo, our veneers do not ruin your teeth. They are made of paper thin, translucent porcelain and bond to your original teeth with minor adjustments to ensure comfortable, natural and precise fit.

Are veneers permanent?

Yes, you can trust our high grade veneers to give you a lasting pearly white smile. You can care for them like normal teeth with brushing, flossing and your yearly exams.

What problems can porcelain veneers fix?

GlamSmile veneers are an effective way to get a whiter and more beautiful smile. Whether you need subtle changes or a more dramatic transformation, our veneers can:
- Repair chipped or cracked teeth
- Cover stained and discolored teeth
- Close gaps between unevenly spaced teeth
- Create a more even smile line if you have overly small teeth

How much does a full set of veneers cost?

The cost of our customizable and top-quality porcelain veneers varies as we partner with dentists in over 40 cities around the world.

Is the procedure painful?

A dentist can fit GlamSmile veneers in one seamless, pain-free step. Thanks to our patented positioning tray, the dentist can fit up to 10 veneers at once all in under 1 hour.

Is smile consultation completely free?

Yes, start your smile makeover with a free online call with one of our experienced Smile Consultants.

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