Patient focused values drive us

GlamSmile’s core values pair cosmetic dentistry at its finest with a one-to-one approach that starts with free Smile Advice.

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SmileMe is a proprietary developed software that can be used in store or online to give a preview of how a person would look with a new smile.

Ultimate precision

Ultimate precision

GlamSmile veneers are precise and personalized thanks to our GlamSmile Software which turns a 3D image into a high grade product.

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Because we use the most sophisticated tech on the market, we can give the patient an exact idea of the new smile and how it will fit them.

Top quality porcelain

Top Quality Porcelain

We use patented positioning trays and the highest quality porcelain to ensure glamorous smiles that also look natural.

2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients

Happy GlamSmile Client
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
Dental Veneers GlamSmile
Klanten van GlamSmile
Klanten van GlamSmile
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
Klanten van GlamSmile
OUR Experience and formation

Our innovations in cosmetic dentistry span decades

We’ve been a pioneer in cosmetic dentistry for years. What sets us apart is our innovative approach that reflects our high level of expertise and dedication to patient care and comfort. We offer institutional quality world class solutions for dental cosmetics enabling our in-house clinics and provider network partners to compete like a multi-billion-dollar company even if operating as a small local practice.

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The concept for GlamSmile starts with a group of cosmetic dentists devoted to aesthetically pleasing, natural and healthy looking smiles.


Our unique and patented positioning tray allows dentists to place up to 10 veneers in one seamless step.


Professional designers in Ghent Belgium use our advanced digital software to customize smiles in the first GlamSmile studio.


While others still use a one-size fits all model, we train Smile Advisors to help clients in over 40 cities worldwide find their perfect smile using our advanced software.


We turn our successful CRM software into a turn key experience so that dentists can now design the GlamSmile veneers and trays inhouse.


Clip-On is the most direct way of convincing a customer. Instead of manufacturing the veneers we print a smile based on the design of the veneers as a Clip-On.

Creators of beautiful smiles

GlamSmile Belgium

Dr Evelyne Jacquemyns (clinical director of GlamSmile) got her training in cosmetic dentistry, became the founder of the Cosmetic Dentistry Association in Belgium and has been building a successful cosmetic dental practice.

The fact that veneers provided such beautiful results led her to explore how we could make these (talent and Labor) intensive procedure more predictable and more within reach of more people financially.
GlamSmile Technology
GlamSmile Veneers