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Our minimal prep porcelain veneers are a painless and effective solution for crooked, broken and discoloured teeth.

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Our team of top dentists have years of experience and expertise in transforming smiles. They are dedicated to providing exceptional care and creating stunning, natural-looking results for their patients.

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Patient Testimonials

Before and After GlamSmile Veneers

“Never thought I'd like to see myself smiling in a photo. Until I got the perfect smile at GlamSmile, now it's spontaneous."

Dental Veneers
Before and After GlamSmile Veneers

“I had always been self-conscious about my crooked and discolored teeth. But after getting dental veneers, my confidence level has skyrocketed!"

Dental Veneers
Before and After GlamSmile Veneers

“I recently got dental veneers and I am extremely happy with the results. They have completely transformed the appearance of my teeth and smile."

Orthodontics and Dental Veneers
Before and After GlamSmile Veneers

“The process was painless and surprisingly quick, and the results are incredible. The team at the dental clinic were professional and friendly."

Dental Veneers
Before and After GlamSmile Veneers

“I can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions I've made. The process was surprisingly quick and painless, and the results are stunning."

Dental Veneers
Before and After GlamSmile Veneers

“I would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for high-quality dental work. Thank you so much for giving me a smile that I am proud to show off."

Dental Veneers


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Reasons to Consider Getting Dental Veneers

Discoloured Teeth

Tooth discolorations can be caused by various factors such as genetics, aging, medication, and lifestyle. Our Dental Veneers offer a quick and effective solution for achieving a bright smile.

Broken or crooked teeth

Smile Co Veneers could also repair broken teeth that are otherwise healthy. Common causes are (sports) accidents, crumbling enamel and damage from grinding the teeth.

Improve size and shape

Veneers are an effective way to enhance the appearance of teeth by improving their size and shape. These thin, custom-made shells conceal a variety of imperfections.

Remove any gaps

If you have too much space between your front incisors, you’ve got what’s called a diastema. That’s another way to describe a gap between the teeth.

2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients

Happy GlamSmile Client
Dental Veneers GlamSmile
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
Klanten van GlamSmile
Klanten van GlamSmile
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
2023 Annual Photoshoot for GlamSmile Clients
Klanten van GlamSmile

Frequently Asked Questions

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Do veneers ruin your teeth?

No, our veneers do not ruin your teeth. They are made of paper thin, translucent porcelain and bond to your original teeth with minor adjustments to ensure comfortable, natural and precise fit.


Are veneers permanent?

Yes, you can trust our high grade veneers to give you a lasting pearly white smile. You can care for them like normal teeth with brushing, flossing and your yearly exams.


What problems can porcelain veneers fix?

GlamSmile veneers are an effective way to get a whiter and more beautiful smile. Whether you need subtle changes or a more dramatic transformation, our veneers can:
- Repair chipped or cracked teeth
- Cover stained and discolored teeth
- Close gaps between unevenly spaced teeth
- Create a more even smile line if you have overly small teeth


Is procedure painful?

A dentist can fit GlamSmile veneers in one seamless, pain-free step. Thanks to our patented positioning tray, the dentist can fit up to 10 veneers at once all in under 1 hour.


Is smile consultation completely free?

Yes, start your smile makeover with a free online call with one of our experienced Smile Consultants.