Physical Characteristics Of A Beautiful Smile

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Apr 14, 2023
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Physical Characteristics Of A Beautiful Smile

Beautiful smiles have certain characteristics for most of us, here aresome of the key elements that we all strive to have:

1.   Straight, EvenTeeth

Aesthetically pleasing teeth are required to be straight, even and inline.

This is the highest standard of dental beauty and we use orthodonticsand if necessary, veneers to achieve this level of evenness.

The health benefits of straight teeth outweigh the aesthetics.

For example, straight teeth are easier to keep clean and will avoiddeveloping tooth decay.

There is also less pressure on properly aligned teeth, reducing wear andtear.

Straight teeth are less likely to chip as there is a lower profile onthe surface of the tooth, compared to crooked teeth that may jut out or grindagainst another tooth.

2.   Even Tooth Color

There is a reason that people pay for teeth whitening treatment and it’slargely due to feeling confidence in the way that their teeth look.

People with whiter and brighter teeth are perceived as being more attractive.

It comes back to the primal theory that white teeth equals optimum health.

It’s not just the look either, people have the perception that a person with a white, bright straight smile takes care of themselves better.

3.   Healthy, Pink Gums

Unhealthy gums are swollen, white or yellow, and no one feelscomfortable with unhealthy gums.

Gums that are healthy are less likely to cause dental issues later on inlife or create bad breath.

A Reflection Of You

“Our smile will bring happiness to us and those around us” – Thich Nhat Hanh

A beautiful smile makes you feel confident, it makes you smile more andit makes you feel good when people compliment you on it.

Feeling confident is important and a healthy smile is a big requirementfor confidence.

The perfect smile may not have been achievable as a child but with theright education and seeking the right dental care, anyone can have a perfectlyhealthy, strong smile.

The investment in your smile is worth it for your confidence, and thechance to have a healthy smile for longer is of a bigger benefit to youroverall health as well.

With the right help, anyone can model a smile that makes them feel goodand that’s the main ingredient for a perfect smile.

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