Veneers: Are They Worth it?

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Apr 14, 2023
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Five Reasons GlamSmile Veneers Are Worth the Investment

If you dream of a natural yet perfectly even pearly white smile, GlamSmile veneers may be an option. Dental veneers are a quick, painless, and permanent way to create a bright smile. We’ll walk you through 5 reasons to choose veneers if you weren’t blessed with perfect teeth or a radiant smile.

#1 You don’t smile enough

Smiling has health benefits. When you smile, the brain sends tiny feel-good molecules to help relax your body.

Called dopamine, endorphins, and serotonin, these chemicals can lower your heart rate and blood pressure. One study even shows that smiling during a stressful event can have a positive effect too.

If you feel you don’t smile enough (maybe it embarrasses you to show your teeth), GlamSmile veneers offer a quick, yet lasting and dazzling smile. These very thin shells attach to the front teeth to change their appearance which in turn, could be a great way to boost your overall health and well-being.

#2 Your teeth are too yellow, grey, or discolored

Do you suffer from yellow teeth or white spots on your teeth? There are two common causes that often stem from childhood.

The first cause can be due to taking too many antibiotics from the tetracycline family during the growth phase (up to about eight years of age). This often makes the teeth yellow or brown later in life. A second cause is too much fluoride as a child. It can lead to while spots (fluorosis) in adults.

Both conditions are hard to treat with teeth whitening or bleaching. These treatments tend to produce uneven and unpredictable results.

GlamSmile veneers are a kind of predictable dentistry. You can try out a brighter smile with the advice (it’s free) of one of our trained Smile Consultants.

Dentists can place these porcelain veneers in a quick, painless step that won’t touch your existing teeth. This makes it a perfect solution if your teeth won’t get whiter another way and are still healthy.

#3 The gap between your teeth is too big

If you have too much space between your front incisors, you’ve got what’s called a diastema. That’s another way to describe a gap between the teeth.

A gap can be the result of:
  • Two side by side small teeth that don’t fill the available space, leaving too much space in the mouth
  • When the two frontal teeth are crooked and do not fit neatly next to each other
  • Your tongue keeps pressing on the frontal incisors and makes the teeth stick out, thereby creating a bigger gap
  • Missing teeth affect the bone and could cause the teeth to shift and widen away from each other
In all these cases, GlamSmile veneers offer a quick, practical, and aesthetic solution. Yes! Even for gaps up to three millimeters wide. As a result, you won’t need to undergo tedious orthodontics to get rid of a diastema.

#4 You have broken teeth

GlamSmile veneers could also repair broken teeth that are otherwise healthy. Common causes are (sports) accidents, crumbling enamel and damage from grinding the teeth.

Do veneers ruin your teeth? Our process has the advantage that it preserves the existing tooth as much as possible.

The other option may be to go with a crown. But to place a crown, the dentist must grind the tooth down to a stump so that the crown can fit on top.

#5 Your front teeth are crooked

Even after years of orthodontics, few people have a perfect dental arch. After all, straight teeth require a perfect jawbone and teeth that are even in size and shape.

Can you relate? Or have your teeth become more crooked over time? This sometimes happens if you lose one or more teeth, or your tongue pushes on a tooth due to its position.

Whatever the issue, orthodontics may be a solution, but it can take from several months to many years. And you may not be smiling during this time since braces aren’t so beautiful.

On the other hand, GlamSmile veneers get your teeth in line, usually within ONE hour! Our porcelain veneers offer both a quick and long-lasting white, even smile that won’t look fake.

Plus, they fix so many imperfections. Like a dental arch that isn’t symmetrical. Or, if the midline between your central incisors isn’t straight. Also, all the other elements that make up your unique smile.

  • Center of your face
  • Shape of your libs (fine, semi-full, full)
  • Arch of your lower lip
  • Width of your smile
  • Positive or negative smile line
  • Whites of your eyes and of your teeth
  • Shape and position of your teeth
  • Personality

#5 How Much Does a Full Set of Veneers Cost?

GlamSmile is a global brand, so the cost of a full set of our porcelain veneers varies. Some of the factors that impact the cost are the elements of your custom crafted treatment plan. To learn more, we suggest you book a free, virtual call with a Smile Consultant.

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